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Aerokosmos_aeronautics_Space_Technology_ISS AEROKOSMOS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Multi - Rotors Platforms

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Oil & Gas Pipeline
Solar Panels
Agriculture (Crop Monitoring & Management)
Wildlife Census
Critical Infrastructure Inspection
Thermal Isolation Analysis (Buildings)
Power Line / Cable
Cooling Tower
Algae Proliferation Detection
Aerial Terrain Mapping (Urban Environment)
Gas Burn-Off Stack Tip Inspection
Wind Turbine Blade Inspection
Bridge Inspections
Forestry Management & Research
Aerial Terrain Mapping (Non-Urban Environment)
Historical Monument Inspection
Railway Track Bed
Salt Water Infiltration Detection
Aerial Terrain Mapping (Industrial Site)
Radiation Measurement & Monitoring

Aerial Inspection Services
Aerial Video
Aerial Scientific Services
Aerial Surveillance
Aerial Mapping Services / GIS
Aerial Security
Aerial Search & Rescue

Real Estate Photography
Police Applications
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Plane Crash)
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Tsunami & Tidal Surge)
Volcanic Ash Cloud (Analysis)
Agriculture (Plant Growth Vigour Mapping)
Climate Monitoring
Invasive Species Identification / Analysis
Volcano Monitoring
Forest Fire Operations Support
Perimeter Surveillance
Anti-Piracy Operations
Traffic Accident Analysis
Fire Scene Inspection
Pre / During / Post Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Earthquake Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Ship Collision Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Volcano Eruption Volcanic Ash Cloud
Coastal Mapping
Geophysical Survey
Marine Mammal Monitoring
Sand Bank Shift Measurements / Mapping
Border Surveillance
Work Documentation
Forest Fire Fighting
Flood Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Storm & Hurricane Monitoring
Nuclear Accident Monitoring
Volcanic Ash Cloud Tracking & Monitoring
Archaeological Site Mapping
Coastal Zone Studies
Glacier & Ice Cap Monitoring
Meteorological Research
Tidal Zone Mapping
Common Agricultural Policy Control
Forestry (Tree Growth Monitoring)
Railway Track Bed Inspection
Iceberg Monitoring
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Icing Rain Storms)
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Train Crashes)
Post-Disaster Relief Operations
Arctic Research
Environmental Monitoring Iceberg Monitoring
Ocean & Sea Research Support
Vegetation Identification
Hydrometric Mapping
Forestry (Tree Illness Monitoring)
Coastal Surveillance

Anti-Looting Control
Crowd Surveillance
Human Trafficking Control
Heritage Looting Control
Illegal Mining
Pop Concert Surveillance
Dike Monitoring
Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Storm & Hurricane)
Nuclear Accident – Contamination Measurement
Volcanic Ash Cloud (Tracking & Monitoring)
Monitoring for Selective Harvesting
Anti-Poaching Control
Crime Scene Surveillance
Fight Against Drugs
Illegal Activity Control
Illegal Drug Cultivation
Illegal Ship Bilge Venting
Maritime Surveillance
Sporting Events Surveillance
Tsunami & Tidal Surge Monitoring
Nuclear Accident – Contamination Tracking & Monitoring
Anti-Terrorist Operations
Criminal Car Tracking
Hostile Protest Control
Illegal Dumping Control
International Summit Surveillance
Maritime Surveillance (Regional Area)
Regional Surveillance
Smuggling Control
Urban Law Enforcement
Fishery Control
Agricultural Policy Control
Critical Infrastructure Surveillance
Illegal Immigrant Control
Historic Site Control
Illegal Logging Control
Maritime Surveillance (Sea Lane Surveillance)
Road Traffic Surveillance
Surveillance of Public Gatherings
Wildlife Crime Control
Road & Highway Traffic Monitoring

Mudslide Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
Tsunami & Tidal Surge Post-Disaster Relief Operations
Aerial Photogrammetry

Emergency Comms Network (incl. relay)
Search for Missing Persons
Avalanche Survivor Search
Maritime Search & Rescue




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Aero X6 - 14PRO
ARF Full Carbon Fiber multirotor for Canon 7D, GoPro and FVP camera users.


AERO X6 - 14S, Lightweight airframe 6 Axis Giro RC Multicopter, 360-degree rotation and suspension. Support Mobius and GoPro Camera.

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